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Nicholas E. Lewis

Founding Member

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About Nicholas E. Lewis

Nicholas Lewis, an accomplished litigator, is the founding member and managing partner of Lewis Law Group.  Nick's practice includes civil rights and constitutional law, commercial disputes, education law and the burgeoning legalized cannabis industry.  As a former prosecutor, Nick thrives in the courtroom, possesses a burning desire for justice and has dedicated his career to fighting for fair treatment and favorable outcomes for his clients.  He is a zealous advocate, trusted confidante and reliable asset for each of his clients.  Nick distinguishes himself as an exceptional public speaker, detail-oriented investigator and a skilled trial tactician, who attributes his success to the thoughtful teachings of beloved mentors.  Lewis Law Group's clients appreciate our nuanced, honest assessment of their position, and our relentless pursuit of the truth, justice and all process due. 


Nick never strays far from his  love of trial work, where his passion, preparation and experience often yield winning verdicts and successful outcomes for clients, whether we are seeking damages for breached contracts, justice for wrongful death or retribution for wrongs rooted in bigotry and unconstitutional mistreatment by government actors and institutions.  Nick has tried numerous civil and criminal matters to verdict in state and federal court.  He has been admitted pro hac vice in multiple state and federal jurisdictions around the country to successfully battle despicable discrimination of the historically disenfranchised.  Lewis Law Group frequently obtains favorable resolutions for our clients by all legal means necessary, utilizing the full force of the law and inspired, creative solutions, in and out of court. In addition to his trial practice, Nick has lead internal corporate investigations, represented clients in a variety of disciplinary proceedings and discreetly handled time-sensitive criminal, compliance and regulatory matters of significant public interest.  

Lewis Law Group maintains a substantial civil rights practice.  Nick is a passionate champion of students' rights, from advocating for school districts to accommodate special needs, to punishing school administrators for their deliberate indifference to bullying of vulnerable students and guiding students through disciplinary, academic integrity and Title IX proceedings at public universities and small liberal arts colleges across the country.  We proudly advocate against discrimination of every stripe, in schools, the workplace, and federally funded programs.  Our firm seeks to hold these institutions, large corporations and financial firms on Wall Street, accountable for discrimination based on protected characteristics like age, race, religion and sexual orientation.  We often bring related claims for retaliation, failure to accommodate disabilities and sexual harassment, a particularly toxic form of gender discrimination, as well.


Our firm handles a wide array of complex commercial cases from contract, fraud and misappropriation disputes, to corporate malfeasance, breach of fiduciary duty, wrongful termination and enforcing specific performance of failed real estate development ventures.  Nick is also an experienced defamation litigator bringing libel claims against powerful publishers and internet trolls alike, to combat false allegations, online harassment, cyberbullying and deliberate 'cancellation' of innocent people by bad actors with nefarious motives.    


Nick's clients have included a well-known author, a professional basketball coach and a number of business executives and college students whose lives, reputations and careers have been upended as a result of unconstitutional disciplinary proceedings, defamation and the whims of 'cancel culture.'  Nick was honored to recently commence suit on behalf of the family and estate of a brave college freshman, who tragically took his own life after excessive abuse by his Division I coach.  Recently, he obtained a favorable outcome after a trial that lasted several weeks, for a client who sought specific performance of a contract for the sale of property.  Nick resolved a case of hateful racial discrimination, retaliation and breach of contract, pre-suit, on behalf of a young, black man who weathered significant abuse from his employer.  Nick has been quoted in national media outlets  Politico, Hollywood Reporter, ESPN, NBC News and the Associated Press. 


Lewis Law Group's tireless quest for justice, and innate need to level the playing field for all, has led the firm to the legal recreational cannabis industry, where we assist clients with business formation, state and municipal licensure and, where necessary, suits to enforce the rights of minority, female and disabled veteran applicants.  Our entry into cannabis law is simply another manner in which we can help our clients, strive for equality and justice for past wrongs, in line with the closely held principles of our founding partner.


Nick learned love and acceptance from his family, but he developed the skill set to fight for, protect and effectuate these ideals when he began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.  He was immediately assigned to the elite Investigations Division's Economic Crimes Bureau.  Nick gained extensive experience in a venue known to be a challenging one for prosecutors and handled complex economic crime, including criminal tax fraud, embezzlement, health care fraud and public corruption.  While in the Bronx, Nick handled the majority of investigations and prosecutions pertaining to criminal misconduct by attorneys, and criminal tax fraud.  Nick tried numerous cases to verdict and directed long term investigations with federal and state law enforcement officials.  After five years proudly representing the People of the State of New York and Bronx County, he joined a prominent criminal defense firm where he represented clients in white collar criminal matters, SEC and FINRA investigations, plus professional disciplinary proceedings.  Nick's litigation practice has skewed predominantly civil over the last decade, and he has enjoyed tremendous success as a trial attorney for prominent commercial litigation and civil rights firms and practice groups.  Regardless of the venue, Nick has consistently demonstrated an ability to effectively get to the heart of a matter, with a relentless examination of the facts under the guiding principles of fundamental fairness, respect and justice for the majority of the last two decades.  He is grateful to have learned these priorities from phenomenal mentors, cherished family members and friends throughout his life.  Lewis Law Group was formed to honor them, and to better serve his loyal, wonderful clients.


Notable Work


Commercial Litigation:  Represented Plaintiff real estate developer obtaining favorable settlement upon successful motion to set aside verdict after six-week trial for specific performance and breach of contract, then obtained large portion of funds previously seized by the New York State Office of the State Comptroller pursuant to an application under New York Abandoned Property Law.

Defamation:  Successfully argued in opposition to motion for summary judgment seeking immunity based on Section 230 of the CDA in  Shi++y Media Men litigation.  

Education Law:  Dogged advocate for parents and students to obtain a free, appropriate public education for students with special needs.  Services including reviewing Individual Education Plans ("IEP"), attending meetings and mediation sessions with school districts, filing due process petitions and conducting due process hearings, where necessary.


Civil Rights-Employment Discrimination:  Successfully negotiated high six figure settlement on behalf of an African-American employee, prior to filing suit, for racial discrimination, breach of contract and retaliation by his employer, a powerful financial firm. 


Cannabis Licensure:  Secured approval for Class 5 Recreational Cannabis Dispensary for Diversely Owned, Social Equity business client, The Number Spot Inc., before the Jersey City Cannabis Control Board's public hearings.  Esteemed Board Members complimented our team on the "best presentation" to date and on our genuine dedication to community impact and education plan.

Campus Due Process & Title IX:  Represented a John Doe Plaintiff in successful opposition to summary judgment against a school that wrongfully expelled student as Court found triable issues of material fact precluding summary judgment, including whether gender bias motivated university’s decision to expel the student.



J.D., New York Law School, 2008, cum laude

B.S., Boston University, College of Communications, 2004



New York

New Jersey

U.S. District Court – Southern District of New York

U.S. District Court – Eastern District of New York

U.S. District Court – Northern District of New York

U.S. District Court – Southern District of California

U.S. District Court – Northern District of Georgia

U.S. District Court – Central District of Illinois


Lewis Law Group prioritizes client satisfaction, with unmatched personal attention.  We work closely with clients to build the necessary hallmarks of a productive relationship: trust and open, honest communication.  Please contact us at the below email or phone number so we can discuss your needs and how we can help.


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