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"I am so very grateful for everything Nick did for me.  He gave me my life back and made it possible for me to smile and laugh again."

Maximus P

"Nick was a true warrior for me when I had to sue my former employer for breach of contract.  He is fearless, relentless and would not back down even though my adversary had significantly more resources than me.  Nick was so convincing on trial that they settled before the jury gave their verdict.  I can't recommend Lewis Law Group enough."

Nicole B

"Lewis Law Group has your back.  They have a ton of experience with online defamation and fighting cancel culture.  I thought my life was over but fortunately, thanks to Nick, I was wrong."

Wes R.

"Nick Lewis is the man!  I was bullied and abused by my racist bosses, for years.  Nick really cared about me, made sure I was straight throughout and he stood up for me when nobody else would.  We got the worst bosses fired to protect future minority employees and he got me paid for the racial discrimination.  After that, Lewis Law Group helped me get a cannabis dispensary license with the settlement money.  Nick was my attorney at first but now he's just my brother."

George C.

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